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Buchanan’s Managed Services Reduce Your IT Cost and Inefficiency

Using Buchanan’s Managed Services is more than just out-tasking your day-to-day IT operations to some company. It’s a solution for IT inefficiency, underutilized IT staff, IT employee churn, and the high costs of constantly securing and updating your environment.

The value of our Managed Services offering is simple. You have access to an entire team of knowledgeable IT professionals at the cost of only hiring one employee.


The importance of having a secure mobile environment is a pressing issue for many businesses, but our Mobile Services help put an end to that.

Whether you’re looking for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, have custom security requirements, or need backups and general device management and support, our team has you covered.

Our Mobile Device monitoring, management, and ongoing support includes:

  • Provisioning of Carrier Services
  • Acquisition & Configuration
  • Device Troubleshooting
  • Device Security & Theft Management
  • Asset Management


No matter what operating system you’re running on, all we care about is making it more efficient and less problematic for your end-users. Our Desktop monitoring, management, and support include:

  • Security Patching & Updates
  • Remote Management [Linux | Windows]
  • Antivirus Deployment & Management
  • PC Image Management
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Asset Management


Our Network monitoring, management, and support includes:

  • Custom Alarm Notifications
  • Flash BIOS Updates
  • Configuration Backups
  • Full-network Issue & Incident Detection
  • Support Ticket Ownership (including Telco follow-up for WAN providers)

Business Applications

Applications have become a staple for most businesses, turning complex processes into simplified solutions and improving efficiency. But when business applications don’t receive the monitoring, support, or attention they need, their value is lost in an instant.

Get the most out of your business applications. Our application monitoring, management, and support includes:

  • Systems Optimization & Availability
  • Optimal Application Performance & Availability
  • End-to-end Support for Critical Business Applications
  • Proactive Support Model to Resolve Application Issues


There’s nothing more frustrating for your employees than a slow server or, worse, server outages. Servers are truly the hub for your organization’s IT. Our Server support features are designed to reduce downtime and improve efficiency, keeping your workforce productive and happy.

Our server monitoring, management, and support includes:

  • Ensuring Server Availability
  • Optimizing Server Performance
  • Patching & Updating Security Features
  • Customizing Threshold Alarms

Microsoft Lync and Unified Communications

Technology and geography are changing the way your employees communicate and work. Keep you employees communicating, collaborating and connected with Microsoft Lync. Buchanan Technologies is a certified premier Lync support provider. Our Managed Lync Services include:

  • Lync Software Support
  • End-to-end Integration & Management
  • End-user Support
  • Microsoft Premier Support